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We would be delighted to arrange a visit to a chateau, owned by a British Master of Wine, within walking distance in the neighbouring village. She offers a variety of wine tasting experiences for both novices and for the more experienced.You can enjoy learning about wine in a relaxed yet informative way at a level that suits you.

You will be looking at different grape varieties from around the world, and some local to the region and learn about the fascinating range of flavours you find in wine. She will also discuss cellaring and serving wine as well as which wines work best with which food (and what to avoid when you want to enjoy your best bottles).

The tastings will be carried out at her lovely Chateau, whose terrace boasts a breathtaking view of the nearby Pyrenees and is situated ¾ mile from Maison Touyarot.

You can book an afternoon tasting... or if you prefer she will organise a tour of a local vinyard producing some very fine white wines followed by a tasting at the Chateau.

We are very lucky to have such an opportunity so close to our property....so don't miss out.

Please email nick@hodsonlewis.co.uk if you want any more details or would like to book.